National Math Bee

2018-2019 Tournament Dates

School Phase

10.01.2018 - 12.21.2018

State Phase

12.22.2018 - 03.15.2019

National Phase

03.16.2019 - 05.19.2018

What is the National Math Bee?

The National Math Bee is currently a totally FREE web-based learning community for schools, teachers, parents to use as they deem best. We host a seven month online event, from October to May, which is broken down into three phases, School, State and National, each school year for students in grades 1 - 6.

Our game was developed based highly on the Cognitive Load Theory which has driven a great deal of research to discover the capacities of memory and brain function. The research provides strong evidence that memorizing basic facts (like in math) can have a significantly positive impact on more complex, higher level performance. The better the memorization...the easier math will be later in life, at higher levels. We've seen it with thousands of kids! Many who are now PhDs!

Compusage and BatterUp


BatterUp, powered by CompuSage, is baseball themed with scores and rankings based on both the speed and accuracy of responses. It is teacher friendly, classroom proven, and supports a broad range of ability levels from grades 1-6. It records, tracks and analyzes student achievements in the four basic math categories, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Our Community

Our FREE learning community often provides helpful tips and contacts with other schools and parents via the Social Media sites. It's a great way to share 'best practices' with other parents and educators, consult with one another and keep up-to-date as new features emerge throughout this school year.

We invite all of you to join our National Math Bee Community Group and stay up-to-date on all of our news, announcments, tournament stats and more.