2018-2019 Tournament Coming Soon!

National Math Bee is under construction until September 2018.

What is the National Math Bee?

The National Math Bee is powered by BatterUp, a research-based math game created by an actual classroom teacher. Batter Up was further developed by and continues to be distributed by CompuSage, a company dedicated to developing and distributing software for use in primary, secondary and graduate level education.

The Batter Up software is the web-based version of a board game originally used in a classroom setting. In fact, its network design has received national honors from the Network Professional Association for most innovative networking implementation.

BatterUp is baseball themed with scores and rankings based on both the speed and accuracy of responses. It is teacher friendly, classroom proven, and supports a broad range of ability levels from grades 1-6. It records, tracks and analyzes student achievements.

Compusage and BatterUp