Last Year's Sponsors

Now Accepting New Sponsors for the 2017-2018 Year

National Math Bee is cooperating with Hong Kong Association for Mathematics Primary Education (HKMPE) to launch a cross-boundary pilot scheme in Year 2016-2017. HKMPE is situated in Hong Kong and it is the only publishing company that offers educational software to over 600 primary schools under the five-year plan of information technology in education devised by the Education Bureau. It strives to boost Hong Kong’s Mathematics education development and proactively introduces international education events and Mathematics competitions, bridging the path to connect international students to learn and have fun together.

Math 8

“2016-17 National Math Bee (HK)” with “Love Math with Enjoyment and Appreciation” as its theme is one of the highlight events of this academic year in the Greater China Region. Please browse HKMPE's website: for further information.